The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about rapid change across the world, especially in
the public health landscape, disrupting lives, businesses and the way we seek medical attention.
C3 Insurance is mobilizing staff and resources to respond to the pandemic faster than any other
insurance brokerage, anticipating client needs and swiftly putting in place services to fulfill
them. At a time when many hospitals, clinics and doctors are too overwhelmed to take walk-ins,
and even telemedicine clinics are inundated with more calls than they can handle, C3 has rolled
out a COVID-19 Nurse Triage Line for clients and their employees. This is a COVID-19-specific
extension of the existing Nurse Triage Line, an employee care line that makes up one aspect of
the C3 Claims Cost Containment Program.

The COVID-19 Nurse Triage Line is open to all client employees who worry they may
have been exposed to or may be experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, regardless of
whether they suspect exposure at work or outside of the workplace. When an employee places a
call, they will speak with a medical expert who understands the science behind COVID-19. The
process begins with a request for the caller to explain the reason for their call, including the
circumstances around their possible exposure, the length of time since, and what (if any)
symptoms they are experiencing. This statement will be recorded with the caller’s knowledge,
and can be accessed for later use in claims, if necessary.

Following the caller’s statement, the medical professional will ask a series of questions to
help further guide the conversation and determine the recommended course of action. Based on
all of the information gathered and the expert’s understanding of COVID-19 – including the
incubation period and progression of symptoms – the caller will be given direction including
whether to seek further medical attention or self-quarantine. If the potential exposure is not
deemed to have happened at work, no worker’s compensation clock will be triggered.
If, however, there are any indicators that exposure may have been work-related, the
employer will be notified, and issued a determination of whether contamination abatement is
necessary, as well as guidance on whether or not a worker’s comp claim should be filed.


1. To provide peace of mind to client employees – knowing your employer has
taken steps for you to speak to a qualified nurse eases anxiety during uncertain
2. To empower clients with the knowledge of whether a case may be work-
3. To alleviate the client of any responsibility associated with being involved
with medical direction – leave that to the experts

Other benefits of the COVID-19 Nurse Triage Line, like the general Nurse Triage Line,
include claims control – saving clients time and giving C3 the opportunity, if there are indicators
the situation is work-related, to trigger a new worker’s compensation claim to be reported,
delayed and investigated in a timely manner. This takes that responsibility off the insured.

Claims cost containment is another benefit – in an acute situation, the employee will be directed
to seek medical attention right away, with the goal of mitigating the severity through immediate
treatment. If, on the other hand, the situation does not require medical attention, the employee
can rest easy while avoiding unnecessary treatment.

If you are a C3 client and you already utilize the C3 Nurse Triage Line, you are
automatically set up to take advantage of the COVID-19 Line. There is a $50 cost per call to the
COVID-19 line, which will be billed directly to the client.

In times of disruption and crisis, the privilege of focusing on what matters most – the health
and safety of yourself and your loved ones – should be accessible for all. C3 Insurance believes it
has a responsibility not only to be there for clients to provide routine, day-to-day service, but also
to react, step up and innovate for clients when the situation demands.

Amy Saldivar
Director of Claims Advocacy