It’s safe to say that most people consider insurance to be a hassle. Being that your average person isn’t an expert when wading through novel-length policies and trying to understand exactly what they offer, it’s easy to fall into a fit of confusion.

Today, that doesn’t need to be a reality. Why

Because of C3.


C3 is a Southern California based insurance brokerage that is revitalizing the insurance game with unique and hands-on strategies to make their clients feel like they’re part of a family. It’s even in their name:

  • Contextual – the first C in their name relates to building relationships with their clients. At 3C, they believe the best way to help a client, is to understand them, which is why they’ve created an atmosphere meant to ease the entire process.
  • Cogent – the second C in their name refers to transparency between client and employee. The team at C3 is not in this business for profit, they work to make sure you know as much as possible when it comes to choosing a policy you need. C3 is dedicated to listening to their clients so they can ensure the best decision is made.
  • Certitude – the final C in their name expresses the team’s willingness to make the most accurate and specific deals with absolute certainty. They’re confident they understand their clients, which translates into confidence while making policies.

C3 is changing the insurance game by including the clients in the process. By creating personal relationships with the insured, C3 is ensuring their clients feel as if their voice is being heard. As a result, each client begins to understand exactly what they are getting with each policy, and they’re certain it’s the right one for them.


While the core philosophies of C3 may be enticing enough to many customers, it is their team of agents that are the driving force behind their success. Without them, insurance would be truly harrowing to navigate. Here are some of their accolades:

  • 5000+ clients
  • 500 years of combined experience
  • Nearly 70 team members
  • Licensed in all fifty states
  • International footprint
  • Four SoCal locations
  • Recent “Hot 100” Business Insurance America Winner

C3 knows that in order to succeed, they must work together with the clients to come to an agreeable decision. They’re also aware that in order to reach that decision, the employees must be working to their full capacity. The easiest way to do that is to ensure their happiness through something they call the employee compass:

  • Vacation
  • Wellness
  • Flexible schedules
  • Profit-sharing
  • An atmosphere with a pulse
  • Mobility within the company

All these perks within the company help the employees deliver their best possible work for the client. On the other side of the spectrum, these perks benefit the clients. Clients can take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere of the offices themselves, use workspaces free of charge, and enjoy the lounge and kitchen area.


Thanks to the internet’s ability to reach virtually everywhere on Earth, C3 has taken advantage of this technology to benefit their clients. With a 24/7 workers compensation reporting line, clients are able to contact agents at nearly any time of day; even medical emergencies don’t need to wait until the next day to be reported thanks to our nurse triage.

The Insurance Academy

New technology doesn’t just make C3 more accessible, it makes them easier to understand. Their Insurance Academy is a library of information, readily available and explained in simplified ways. From auto to finance to general liability, “it’s complex insurance topics explained simply.”

C3 wants you to feel connected, but it also wants you to feel educated when making your decisions. It’s not just about telling you what the right decision is, it’s helping you understand it intuitively.

The C3 Blog

In addition to the Insurance Academy, C3 also runs a blog that clients can access to read news and articles pertaining to their policies, interests, and topics that evoke curiosity. It’s a way to keep their clients connected through personal stories.


C3 is also proud to offer a team of personal client advisors, driven to understanding your exact lifestyle in order to “strategically tailor solutions to protect you”. Their goal is to educate clients as specifically as possible, creating transparent relationships in the process. At C3, their goal is to find solutions that work for you.

While it’s hard to argue that insurance is fun, C3 is certainly making strides to make the process more enjoyable. They understand the importance of needing policies and have crafted an interesting and unique environment to aid you in this journey.

At C3, the client is part of the family.