3 Risk & Insurance Services today announced the launch of a new smartphone technology for businesses to use in documenting inspections.  The app is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use by both the company administrator and by the company end users.

The application has a very clean interface.  The end user simply opens the application and answers pre-defined questions established by the company (these are customized to each client).  Each question requires a photo to be taken “live.”  There is no ability to upload a photo previously taken so that it guarantees real time data.  A company administrator has a dashboard where he/she can view each users results and run reports for compliance and quality assurance.


The app, SaferWorks, intends to help businesses with the following:

1.      Behavioral change of employees

2.      OSHA compliance

3.      Peace of mind to businesses who have multiple locations

Access to the app requires a code from C3 in order to download and utilize from the Apple store.  To learn more about its availability contact C3 via relations@c3insurance.com .