Insurance isn’t an easy topic to navigate. From health, dental, car, to worker’s insurance, it’s difficult to know exactly what policies you need and what the best options available to you are. Thankfully, there are people whose job is to demystify the process and get you covered in case of an accident (any type), no matter the location.

And that’s where C3 comes in.


C3 Risk & Insurance Services is trying to breathe life into an otherwise lifeless insurance market. Using over five hundred years of collective experience, the team at C3 exists to inform their customers to the best of their knowledge. At C3, they believe a strong relationship between employee and client is the key to a happy and satisfied customer. Based in San Diego with locations throughout Southern California, C3 has expanded into all fifty states, with a known presence around the world.


The first C in their name is ‘Contextual.’ The team at C3 believes reliable insurance begins with the relationship between client and employee. And to create that perfect relationship, you must begin right in the office. C3 operates according to two separate compasses: one for clients and one for employees. These compasses are their universal truths; the keys to their success.

Employee Compass

The C3 employee compass keeps the team happy, effective, and successful. It is used to promote a healthy work environment ensuring the team is operating at their best. The below is in their rhetoric:

  • Wellness
  • Training University
  • Mobility with job positions
  • Flexible schedules
  • Profit-Sharing
  • Fun Atmosphere

Client Compass

Just like their employee compass, the client compass is designed to ease the insurance experience for the customer while making them feel in control and safe. Their decisions matter and C3 uses these guidelines to make that happen:

  • Price matters
  • Technology-driven product
  • Unique insurer relationships
  • Client workspace
  • 24/7 workers compensation reporting line

Positive company culture is employee’s oxygen…Our legacy will be defined by the relationships that help give cadence to the heartbeat of the new insurance agency movement.”


The second C in their name is Cogent. The client advisers at C3 are there to build unique connections with individuals, making sure each client is given a customized treatment tailored to their exact needs:

  • Cultivate – C3 wants their clients to be as informed as possible, so each team member is honest upfront with all the information the client would need to make a decision.
  • Service – At C3, it’s quality over quantity; they want their clients to look forward to speaking with advisors, not worried about it.
  • Transparency – C3 wants to know their clients on a personal level, ensuring everybody is on the same page when it comes to insurance.


The third C in their name is Certitude. Comprised of nearly 70 employees and boasting more than five-hundred years of combined experience covering every aspect of the insurance world, 3C knows their clients can rest easy in their hands. They provide risk management on personal levels so you and your assets can stay safe with strategically tailored solutions.

By covering nearly every aspect of the insurance market, and remaining available for help virtually 24/7, C3 has proven they are here for the clients, not for the profit. Their ability to adapt to each distinct client means customers can be certain they’re receiving the best advice for their particular situation.


The team of C3 is built off a core group of property and casualty based insurance. New technologies help their members create unique plans for each client, no matter their need. Here are just a few of the lines of insurance they offer:

  • Workers compensation
  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Privacy liability
  • Inland marine
  • Commercial property
  • Business auto
  • Garage liability
  • Accident participant
  • And more…

To accompany all these different options, C3 remains available to clients for help through a multitude of channels and services, such as:

  • 24/7 Nurse Triage
  • “Insta-Reports” for 24/7 concierge claim reporting
  • Early resolution strategies
  • Choice counsel
  • Physician managements
  • Subrogation & Recovery
  • Lien defense


C3 is the first retail insurance agency that leverages the marriage of technology and expertise to provide the whole scope of the market.” By offering such a wide variety of specialties with a truly dedicated team, C3 is able to cover almost everything you can think of. From automobile businesses to breweries and even cannabis outfits, C3 makes it easy to find excellent coverage.

C3’s goal is to prevent unexpected financial loss through unique and personal peer relationships. Each member of the team is qualified to listen to unique cases and provide the feedback and advice required to satisfy each client. By empathizing with customers and understanding their specific requests, C3 is capable of tackling every problem that comes their way.