Need Drivers? Here’s Your Solution.

Ask any trucking company in the country about the biggest challenges in the industry and you’re likely to get the same answer across the board: recruiting. The declared driver shortage in the United States affects everyone, and it’s posing real problems for daily operations and business continuity. Companies are spending top dollar on advertising, recruiting and signing bonuses, and they are still struggling to fill positions and keep drivers. Omega Compliance Solutions, in partnership with Trucking Proud, has the answer. You need drivers, and we can provide them.

Across the country, industries facing talent shortages domestically are tapping into pools of qualified candidates beyond U.S. borders, and they’re using H-2B visas to do it. The H-2B program allows U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary jobs. In the healthcare industry, this tool is being used to bring qualified doctors and nurses from other countries to the U.S. The H-2B visa is six-month visa that can evolve into a five-year visa for workers in industries where the Department of Labor has declared a state of emergency due to a labor shortage. With the Department of Labor’s approval, U.S. immigration officials can grant H2B visas and extend their length. The workers can bring their families with them, and if they are good actors who remain employed by the same company for five years, the H-2B visa opens up a path to citizenship.

At Omega Compliance Solutions, we are a staffing company with extensive knowledge of this process, as well as the ability to source and qualify high numbers of Class A truck drivers in Mexico, most of whom are already driving in the United States and Canada. We bring them to California and employ them on our payroll, carrying the burden of worker’s comp and employer tax. You, the trucking company, supply the truck and the training, and you have full control over employee policies, including the power of termination.

The drivers we hire all have TSA cards, and because of our expertise in this area, we have the ability to source for a diverse group of needs. Whether your business demands drivers with TWIC Cards, HAZMAT, or other endorsements, we can cater to the special requirements of your industry and find experienced, skilled drivers to fill your unique needs.

The drivers we source are not only highly qualified, but also highly motivated. With access to American compensation rates, a path to citizenship, and the ability to bring their families with them, they are committed to working hard and staying employed. For you, that means less turnover.

Most companies today are spending a significant amount of money on advertising to recruit, signing bonuses to incentivize and, unfortunately, employee turnover costs. You can reduce both your costs and your stress around recruiting by working with Omega Compliance Solutions in partnership with Trucking Proud to round out your workforce and stabilize it for the future. There is no area of the trucking business too specialized for us to source experienced drivers. Why let the driver shortage affect your business for another day, when we are here to provide a solution?

The H-2B visa program provides us with an extraordinary opportunity, but only while the Department of Labor and immigration officials allow it. The reality is, we don’t know how long this window will stay open.  If you’re interested in learning more about how Omega Compliance Solutions and Trucking Proud can help you fill empty jobs with highly qualified drivers, lower your turnover rate and associated costs, and stabilize your workforce, click here to learn more.