On S2E2 of Discover the Difference, we have the pleasure of speaking with the inspiring Jesse Smith. The 5X Olympian and former team captain of the US Water Polo Team proves that he’s not just an Olympian, but a force of energy, enthusiasm and insight. Jesse gives great advice about associating with people who are willing to help others up in business and in life. Hear more about Jesse’s post-water polo career and transitioning into the professional world on Discover the Difference.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jesse shares how he became involved with water polo (1:20)
  • Jesse dives into the longevity of his career  (7:54)
  • Jesse tells the guys about his family, 5 kids & his motivation for working hard (10:25)
  • Jesse shares what it has been like going into the business world (11:53)
  • Jesse dives into where his energy comes from (16:29)
  • Jesse speaks about his work ethic (18:24)
  • Jesse explains what it means to be at the top of the mountain and mentions how Bill Walton mentored him (20:50)
  • Jesse shares his passion about what he is doing at the Coronado Aquatics Club (22:22)
  • Jesse, Jamie & Gabe talk about how they create culture (26:35)
  • Jesse learns about learning leadership through LinkedIn Learning opportunity & OODA (Observe, Orientate, Decide, Act) (29:47)
  • Wayne & the guys share about entertainment strategies (33:10)
  • Jesse shares his journey through the business world (35:02)
  • Jesse asks Jamie & Gabe, how do you keep people at C3 and motivated to work? As well as, how do you empower your employees (43:59)
  • Jesse discusses how to ask for help (47:42)
  • Jesse talks about being on the Olympic team and having the mantra of “Help the Team Instead of Make the Team” (48:36)
  • Jamie & Gabe take Jesse through Rapid Fire questions (51:07)