On Episode 3 of Discover the Difference, we chat with self-described social entrepreneur and CEO of Alder, Michael Davidson. Get ready to learn and grow your outlook on how you can positively impact society as Michael shares his perspectives on societal issues, world events and what it means to be a generational leader. He shares the journey of taking a risk to create something of value that is focused on the advancement and betterment of people. You won’t want to miss our conversation with Michael and check back bi-weekly for new episodes.


:50 Michael shares why he calls himself a social entrepreneur.

2:37 Michael discusses what Alder is and how the name came to be.

5:58 Michael answers what is generational leadership? He shares how to influence the next generation of leaders.

10:13 Michaels gives family, business, and political examples of how leadership has broken down and affected our world.

16:28 Gabe shares a story about his daughter and her friends were talking about how they are scared to have kids in this world today. Michael offers his opinion on how to approach talking to our youth with regards to our country.

Quote Highlight: “If you believe this isn’t a special place to live in, it won’t be. If you believe you can’t contribute to it, you won’t contribute to it. Living in this place in time you must believe. Every problem that we need to solve, we have in our capacity to do so today, but it takes your conviction, your knowledge, your commitment to see it through.”

22:26 Michael shares why this country is so great and why he takes leaders into other countries.

26:34 Michael tells us about how he became involved with GenX and now.

31:20 Jamie tells his first impression of Michael and asks how Michael puts aside his self-doubt.

36:12 Michael mentions the people who have helped him and invigorate him to take on his role as a social entrepreneur

38:34 Michael explores where the future of Alder is headed

44:50 Michael shares how our country is not being divided on a political level and how he addresses pessimism.

49:21 Michael enjoys talking to the next generation and how his members of Alder are effective citizens.

50:35 The three men discuss American democracy and our secret ingredient.

52:55 Michael discuss how media and news are a source of entertainment.

57:48 Rapid Fire Questions

1:01:14 Michael reflects on his journey and shares what he would tell the “Young Michael”

1:01:53 Michael shares what the secret sauce is for Alder being a success.

1:03:10 Michael offers his contact information to learn more.