On Episode 4 of Discover The Difference, we have the pleasure of speaking with Nancy Gale. The founder of JAMAH, an American luxury handbag company, and Ambition, a non-profit serving disadvantaged youth, shares her story of perseverance over hardship and how her success in both endeavors is intertwined. She is a self-described visionary who believes it takes the long haul to get good at something you believe in. Listen to her inspiring story about going forward despite setbacks and owning your life.

Episode Highlights:

1:13 Nancy explains why she refers to herself as a visionary.

5:04 Nancy shares her thoughts on the nay-sayers who have tried to stand in her way.

8:56 Nancy tells why she likes to surround herself with cheerleaders.

10:45 dives into where she gets her strength from what it is like to find success.

13:58 Nancy shares her journey about the dramatic things that have occurred to her and how laughter can heal sadness.

22:22 Nancy talks about how she approaches dealing with the death of her mother and her “me too” moment.

25:07 Nancy shares how she chooses to be “Happy Nancy who is going through something”

26:05 Nancy tells how long it takes her to digest the hardship in order to be emotionally aware of it. Nancy is living a life of legacy like her mother.

32:52 Nancy shares her journey of coming into her adulthood and how it led her to start Jamah. Nancy also tells what Jamah stands for

45:12 Nancy discusses how she stays true to how Jamah is currently doing things while getting larger at the same time.

47:47 Nancy lights up when talking about her non-profit, Ambition.

54:54 Nancy tells how she got Sir Richard Bransom to meet some of the students involved with Ambition and how Virgin is a sponsor.

58:39 Nancy also discusses how she was able to let students of Ambition meet the then, President, Bill while she was showing them bags from Jamah.