This week’s episode of Discover the Difference is full of inspiration. We talk to Dave Sanderson about his heroism the day the plane he was on crashed into the Hudson River and he was the last passenger off after helping others first in the freezing water – known as ‘The Miracle on the Hudson’. Professionally, Dave worked his way up as head of security for Tony Robbins until the day Tony told him it was time to move on and pursue his own dreams and passions. He founded a leadership and consulting company and speaks to groups all over the world about leadership. Prepare to be inspired. 


1:10     Dave begins by telling us why he decided to swim the Hudson River with the Navy SEALS not once, but twice.

4:24     Dave tells us what happened on that fateful day when the plane he was on crashed into the Hudson River.

6:01     Dave talks about the dynamic of passengers on the plane and how it contributed to the success of getting everyone to safety.

9:00     Dave explains how once they hit the water, they had 6 minutes to exit the plane, leaders emerged as things were happening quickly. He explains how he became to be the last passenger off the plane.

13:27   Dave discusses how the cold water and adrenaline took effect and how he used deep breathing to overcome.

15:30   Dave jokes about how many times he walked across hot coals while working for Tony Robbins as the head of his security.  He then shares how he came to start working with Tony Robbins. #TonyRobbins

18:30   Dave shares how important mentorship is and who his mentors are. Mentors give you a level head, direction, and wisdom. #From Turmoil to Triumph #Bill Bonney

21:38   Dave and the guys dive into a discussion about millennials with regards to their mission in life and business. Dave says millennials are the smartest people on earth, but they need help with a path.

25:43   Mentorship is a passion for Dave. Hear how he imparts it on millennials. 5 steps with real-life experience and entertainment.

29:07   Dave tells the biggest regret in his life to date and how it led him to providing certainty with Tony Robbins.

31:43   Dave shares how PTSD affected his life after the crash. After giving a talk he discovered, there’s a way to grow after a traumatic life event, it’s called, post traumatic growth syndrome #PTGS. He continues to go back to the Hudson as he wants to leave on his own terms.

34:13   Dave talks about the strategies he took to over come the PTSD and turned it into PTGS. #TEDTalk He also discusses how Meaning= Emotion & Emotion= Life

39:01   Dave believes he was supposed to be on the plane, there was a reason. He discusses how the crash allowed them him to fill a promise to his father.

40:31   Dave talks us through why he left working for Tony Robbins.

43:21 Dave shares how he started his business and the first step he took.

44:40   Dave explains his passion to help the Red Cross through speaking engagements and raising funds. #ZigZiglar #AmericanRedCross

48:35   Dave talks about his first book, Moments Matter and how the title of the book came to be.

51:17   Dave takes part in our, “Rapid Fire” questions

53:50   Dave answers two questions, “what would you tell your younger self?” and “what’s your secret sauce to make you who you are?”

55:30   Dave shares how we can hear more from him. #DaveSanderson

56:09   Dave comments on his love for baseball #CincinnatiReds #