On Episode 7, we chat with Knight Campbell, a naval academy grad and Naval officer who focused his passion for the great outdoors into leadership development. As the founder of Cairn Leadership, Knight takes leadership teams into the wilderness to experience adventure and unparalleled teamwork. He has an innate curiosity and a unique ability to build strong leadership teams. Listen along as we talk leadership and adventure with Knight. 

Episode Highlights

1:26 The group starts by discussing what led Knight to enter the Naval Academy and how his grandfather played a role in his decision.

4:00 Knight shares where his background comes from and where he grew up.

5:09 Knight goes into what it was like when he arrived at the Naval Academy in Indianapolis and how it led him to live a life of being on the journey.

9:10 The guys discuss imposter syndrome and why high performers have it. They have it because they have a fear of failure.

11:35 The high point of Colorado is when Knight proposed to his wife.

12:24 Knight goes into how he began teaching at the Naval Academy. He has an innate behavior of curiosity.

17:49 Knight talks about his discovery with his leadership training, experience and growth. They also discuss women in leadership.

21:55 Knight provides light into his life after the Naval Academy and he offers advice for all military members leaving the military.

27:50 Knight speaks about how he started his company, Carin Leadership along with 4 other founders. They build leadership while experiencing things in the outdoors.

36:00 Knight discusses how he takes a group of leaders on a trip and how the facilitator guides lead discussions and excursions.

38:30 Knight tells us the secret to stay “in flow” and other concepts revolving around leadership; flow states, communication, and information theory.

40:00 Knight lights up when he starts telling us about all the outdoor excursions his company takes their clients on.

41:34 Knight tells us about what mountaineering is and why it is his favorite.

48:44 Knight answers “Rapid Fire Questions”

51:56 Knight reflects and answers the question, what would he do differently? As well as what he did differently to get him where he is today.