December Industry Highlight: Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is always a high risk. During the holidays more people use ladders for personal and commercial use more than normal and they may not think through all the safety issues. Approximately 34% of holiday-related falls result in fractures. These holiday-falls also include falls from roofs and furniture, like chairs, but almost half were from ladders. What do you do to ensure your safety?

You should have a team meeting to reinforce safety mechanics of ladders.  Despite temptation to carry items with you on the ladder make sure you can maintain a 3-point contact while doing so.  Tie off the ladder or have a safety spotter holding the ladder.

When using a ladder for personal use you may not think through footwear, but proper shoes is important. Don’t wear flip flops or go barefoot.

Make sure the ladder is the right size and always use 3 point contact all the way to a roof line or edge if you are exiting the ladder. Don’t use ladders on stairs!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that between November 1 and January 31, there were more than 5,800 fall injuries per season related to holiday decorating over three years. Approximately 43% of them were caused by falls from ladders. Please spend a little extra time thinking about your safety. This can save you an injury and minimize your risk. Please keep yourself and others safe during the upcoming holiday season! Happy Holidays!