We are full speed ahead this week with Denise Mueller. She holds the land speed record of 183MPH on a bike and is a multi-time national champion world record holder. She tells us what it takes to get to that speed and then abruptly come down from it and compares it to the ups and downs of business and life. We go deep on the value of mentorship and what it takes to run a successful security company and be a busy mom of three. Denise is full of energy and shows vulnerability exploring the challenges she’s overcome in her life as she’s found success along the way. 

Episode Highlights

1:20 Denise shares where her passion to ride bikes stems from.

3:10 Denise tells us what hooked her into training and riding bikes.

4:35 She explains how she went from riding as a hobby and into a competitive sport for her and how she met John Howard.

9:00 Hear why Denise took a break from riding and competing when she was 19 years of age and how she took a 23 year break before returning to the sport.

11:30 The group talks about how high performers have a fear of failure and to concentrate on the journey not the outcome. Denise shares how she tries to overcome it and how she was given a second chance to ride. #CAF #ChallengedAthletesFoundation #junkercars #adrenalinejunkie #raceanxiety #worldrecord

18:13 Denise goes into her mental training to prepare for the land speed record that no woman had ever attempted. She also shares her trick to falling back asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. #hypnotherapy #visualization #gratituteboard #visonboard #soroptimist #RTT

25:37 Denise shares who her mentors have been along her career.

27:25 Denise dives into how she trains to compete, runs a company, and raises a family all at the same time and loving the challenge of balancing a lot in her life. #balance #strengthsfinder2.0 #gallop

32:00 Denise tells us how she felt some regret in stopping to compete and what advise she would give to herself at 19 years old.

35:15 Denise tells us how she started competing in land speed racing, what it is, how it feels to ride, and the Guinness World Book Record she broke! #Garmin #GuinnessWorldBookRecord #MomMoment

1:00:48 Denise reveals how it feels to beat a mens’ and womens’ record. Land speed racing is a sport where gender is not an issue. It is a fair field.

1:03:45 Denise runs a business, Rancho SanteFe Security and she explains her role with her company #RSF #3rdgeneration

1:06:05 Denise answers Rapid Fire Questions #PowerCrunch

1:08:54 Denise tells us her secret sauce to her success.

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