2022 Annual Award Winners

Earlier this month we hosted our annual holiday party where we announced our 2022 award winners for top performances, outstanding newcomers, and more. Join us in celebrating this year’s outstanding C3 awardees! Check out the full list of winners below.

Fast Start Award – Suzanna Tomey

The Fast Start Award acknowledges Suzanna, who joined the C3 family in 2022 and has already made an outstanding impact.

Glengarry Glen Ross Award – Rich Hallett

The Glengarry Glen Ross Award acknowledges the top producer for the year among the C3 family – Rich Hallett. In line with one of the most important C3 Values: FUN, this award was named after a cheesy movie, Glengarry Ross. It is one of the worst movies of all time, but somehow managed to create 3 of the most cited phrases in all of sales: 1) Put that coffee down. Coffee is for closers; 2) Always Be Closing; and 3) The Third Prize is, You’re Fired!

Above & Beyond Award – Katie Englehardt & Maxwell Lin


The Above and Beyond Award acknowledges Katie and Maxwell, who both demonstrated behaviors and produced results that went above and beyond normal job expectations.

The Client Whisperer Award – Kelly Tran & Ray Canto


The Client Whisperer Award is new this year and goes to Kelly and Ray on our service team who both overcame an impossible situation with a client and came out on top.

Spirit of C3 Award – Wella Campbell

The Spirit of C3 Award is our top honor and recognizes Wella who represents the spirit of C3. This is represented in how she delivers an excellent client experience, how she treats other C3 family members, and even in how she collaborates with our carriers, partners, and community. Wella embodies our 3 C’s – Creative, Collaborative, and Care, and our C3 core values – Trust, Empathy, Divergent Thinking, Grit, Fun, and Community.

Outstanding Leader Award – Lindsay Patten

The Outstanding Leader Award is awarded to Lindsay who exemplifies significant leadership skills, creates a collaborative and supportive team dynamic, develops trust and credibility through open communication, and motivates those around them to be the best of the best! She leads by example and does so with integrity and respect.