This week we sit down with William Branum, a former Navy SEAL turned successful business owner and leadership coach. He takes us through the challenges of becoming a Navy SEAL, transitioning out and finding himself without purpose or passion before discovering the CBD industry. Branum now owns a CBD company that manufactures the cleanest most elite product on the market. Learn how to overcome adversity, find success in life using his 5 Secrets of a Navy SEAL and other helpful tips. 

Episode Highlights

1:30 William unpacks how he found himself in the Navy and then became a Navy SEAL #boyscouts

9:38 William shares the mindset shift he had to have to become a Navy SEAL on the screening test. #boondockers #bootcamp

12:40 William passes the test to become a Navy SEAL, then went to Southern California for 13 months to train. He tells us how he got through Hell Week and how he passed and graduated in Class 208.

15:40 William’s experience as a SEAL was everything he wanted it to be! He dives into how his training as a sniper instructor had him fully prepared for 9-11, then transitioning into deployment with the SEAL teams. Wait until you hear how many combat deployments William has been on!

19:25 William tells us the biggest thing he learned while on deployments.

20:53 Williams expresses how he was in denial about leaving the Navy. He spent as much time as he could in the Navy at 26 years and he had to figure out what was next for him.

23:00 William gets vulnerable about his struggles with alcohol and his mental health. Hear how medical marijuana and CBD helped him discover who he is today.

26:11 William discusses how he managed to handle his mental health on his own. He didn’t want to ask for help, at first. He turned to a colleague who guided him to CBD.

31:50 Hear how and why William starts his own CBD company, Naked Warrior Recovery. His company’s mission is to eliminate veteran suicide. #22-0

38:18 William helps run two things: Naked Warrior Recovery, a CBD company & he leads leadership and mindset coaching. #NakedWarriorRecovery

40:22 William shares how he helps his clients through his coaching.

44:00 & 54:47  William dives into what his concept, “GET NAKED” means and the purpose it holds.

46:21 William talks about the struggle he had when he exited the Navy and why he wasn’t brave enough to ask for help. Hear how he overcame it.

49:42 William’s motivation is his own and he tells us the steps he uses for a fellow military man exit the military. #5SealSecrets

54:35 Take a listen to what the acronym, GET NAKED means. #GETNAKED

58:38 William answers Rapid Fire questions

1:00:42 William shares the advice he would give his younger self

1:01:15 William’s secret sauce in life is….

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