The final episode this season of Discover the Difference is with Manna Kadar. A prodigy who acquired her business at 16, leveled it up multiple times and built it into a beauty empire. Her spunk, energy and professionalism along with her incredible story will leave you inspired. 

Episode Highlights

:56 Listen in on how Manna started a business at 16 years of age in 2006 and how she stayed with this business until she was 21 years old.

4:38 Manna tells us how she managed school and her business at the same time.

5:30 Manna dives into how she sold her 1st business to become a business analyst at Comerica Bank, a corporate bank. Listen to how she proved herself through performance.

8:13 Once Manna left corporate banking, hear how she goes into buying a tanning salon and opens a beauty bar in the same location.

10:30 Manna shares with us how she decided to start her own line of cosmetics as opposed to selling one that already existed in her tanning salons. #affordable luxury #MannaKadar

15:30 Manna discusses how her products are easier for women to use and more affordable.  #liplock

17:37 Manna enlightens us on why she is always striving for more. Since she was 16 years of age, she has always had multiple endeavors going on in her life.

22:00 The group shares how their businesses started from the grassroots and how they had to use their resources wisely to get where they are today.

23:05 Listen to Manna as she tells us how she was able to kick off her cosmetics line with little volume, tv lines, and an internal support network within the cosmetic industry.

28:17 Manna goes into how she has never had outside investors in her businesses. She is completely self-funded and has built a family of brands. Hear how many lines she currently has!

33:34 Manna tells us what she does when she knows she is being treated differently because she is a woman. She shares how she had to prove herself to gain respect.

36:22 Manna describes how her drive stems from her Mom and Grandma who raised her. Hear the stories from Manna how the three of them worked together to make it.

41:30 Manna shares how she gives back to the community as it was something she did growing up with her Mom and Grandma.  #miraclesforkids

47:05 Manna mentions at one point in her life she did not want to have children and then something changed…

49:10 Manna points out how it is important for her to look good as it makes her feel good. Hear what self-care she does for herself. #fillyourcup #berkmanpersonalitytest

54:25 Rapid Fire Questions #slothing #boysIImen

58:53 Manna tells us what’s next for her company. #mannakadarbeauty #goddess #hotdog

1:01:49 Manna explains what advise she would give her younger self, and the secret sauce to her success.