For our first guest of Season 3, you will have the chance to meet Jen Schroeder. You may recognize her from images all over Dick’s Sporting Goods. She is a former UCLA softball player, ESPN Analyst and entrepreneur. Her training facilities, The Packaged Deal, in Orange County are shaping the next generation of softball players both at the youth and collegiate levels. Her charisma is so infectious, she turned the tables and podcasted our hosts Jamie and Gabe. You won’t want to miss our conversation with Jen.

Episode Highlights

1:07     Jen tells how her passion comes from her family. She says her drive for entrepreneurship stems from the way she was raised. Jen shares why she started in baseball as opposed to softball until she was 12 years of age. She is the woman she is in large part because of her father.

4:01     Listen in as Jen shares how she parents her daughter, Rudi. Jen says parenting is about letting her daughter discover, learning from her own experiences, and to not tell her to be careful. She will learn quicker than by us telling her how to do things.

7:08     Jen dives into the differences between men and women’s professional sports. Will there ever be equality? Hear how Jen says we can drive change.

9:20     Jen and the guys discuss how all types of women are putting their children into sports. They are seeing the value. It is cooler to be in sports than it was 10-15 years ago. Hear why Jen thinks it is changing.

11:54   Jen explains how she transitioned from youth softball to college to coaching. When she arrived at college she found herself in a situation where she had to find value in any situation she was in.

17:11   Jen’s passion is apparent when she describes mentoring and coaching young players. Listen in as Jen tells what viewers what she wants for every woman.

21:40   Jen shares that she had 3 other sisters who all played Division I softball.

23:07   Jen describes how her business started to take off through catching lessons, then she brought in partners to teach other areas of softball, and evolved to clinics throughout the US. Her company became the first softball company to be sponsored by Nike.

25:20   Hear how Jen became a partner and involved with the catching line at Easton. Jen was able to help design the very first set of catching gear for females!

28:17   When you walk into Dick’s Sporting Goods you’ll see Easton’s “The Very Best” catching gear on display and for sale. Starting in November, you’ll see the new exclusive gear, (The Next Big Thing) and a new apparel athleisure line. “The all day all night collection”.

31:00   Jen talks about what’s next for herself and the Easton partnership.

33:22   Jen answers Rapid Fire questions.

38:00   Jen reflects back and offers advice she would give her younger self. She also shares what makes her different from everyone else.

40:00   Gabe puts on some catching gear and works his skills in catching a pitch from Jamie.

Instagram: Jen_Schro