For episode 4, Jamie and Gabe sit down with Natalie Johnson. Natalie started her career with Google where she played a key role in the development of its DE&I program. While C3 is already proudly diverse, Jamie and Gabe enjoyed discussing how there is so much more to being a DE&I-thought-focused organization. It is not just about having a diverse group of employees but getting intentional about seeking out people from diverse backgrounds that round out your organization and bring their unique skills to the table. Natalie’s path to where she is today is an incredible, must-hear story.
Episode Highlights

1:14 Natalie tells viewers how she goes from college athletics to the professional world. Tune into how her major, psychology helped her find success on the softball field.

5:02 Natalie shares why she chose to study organizational psychology and where her passion for it stems from.

6:16 Natalie, Jamie & Gabe discuss what one’s psychological safety is when it relates to a company or organization’s culture. To build one’s psychological safety, an organization needs to foster a growth mindset and it starts with the leaders.

17:25 Mental toughness is pivotal in getting people to stick with it and not quit. Hear how Natalie embraces being mentally tough in the workplace.

20:19 Natalie discusses what she is doing at Paradigm with Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I) and the work she does with organizations. She gives Jamie & Gabe suggestions on how to grow their company’s diversity.

29:22 Natalie’s passion for Paradigm is apparent as she describes how she came to be a co-founder at Paradigm and why she wanted to leave her roots at Google.

35:15 Tune in as Natalie spends time talking about how visibility about the successes we want to see can help us move past the Paradigm.

37:23 Natalie answers Rapid Fire Questions

39:59 Listen to the advice Natalie would give her younger self.

41:25 Natalie tells us what her secret sauce is to her success.

43:07 Here’s where you can find more: