For episode 5, Jamie and Gabe chat with legendary UFC fighter Frank Shamrock. You may know Frank as a UFC Champion or a Strikeforce founder of MMA, but you may not know the backstory of how he overcome adversity, childhood setbacks and 23 felonies before he was able to achieve his success. Frank’s story is unique, inspiring, and one you won’t want to miss. Tune in to learn more about the way Frank empowers those around him through his encouragement and symbolism behind what he calls the Warrior’s Code. Don’t miss Frank’s valuable advice and wisdom he has gained along his journey.
Episode Highlights
  • 1:20 Join us for an incredible journey as Frank reveals how he discovered the world of MMA at the age of 22, following a challenging childhood that led him to a life of survival as a young criminal.
  • 6:29 At 13, Frank’s life took a transformative turn when he met Bob Shamrock, his adopted father and mentor. Bob’s unwavering honesty, integrity, and respect became guiding principles in Frank’s pursuit of purpose and clarity, despite the inevitable mistakes he made along the way.
  • 12:08 Be inspired by Frank’s determination to make a decisive change in his life, driven by his self-awareness and mental toughness to break free from destructive cycles. #WarriorsCode. From a young age, Frank’s ability to make resolute decisions became a recurring theme, playing a pivotal role in creating major life changes.
  • 14:27 Discover the extraordinary power of Frank’s mindset as he shares how his unwavering determination allows him to consistently accomplish what he sets his mind to. Tune in to uncover the remarkable cognitive abilities that define his unique skill set.
  • 17:00 At the heart of Warriors Code lies 30 years of Frank’s experience, culminating in a program consisting of modules and mechanics designed to empower teams and individuals, enabling them to achieve success and solve problems.
  • 19:00 Explore the support system that propelled Frank to success, as he also reveals his groundbreaking contributions to transforming the sport of MMA through his comprehensive study and development of systems. His problem-solving brain, wired for success, has yielded programs such as fighting techniques, battered women defense strategies, and methods for arresting drug dealers.
  • 22:51 Discover the pivotal moment when Frank courageously broke free from a disadvantageous contract during his competitive career. Guided by mentor Henry, he became the first in the sport to venture overseas, returning with an addendum that allowed him to become a free agent upon winning the championship. This move reshaped the sport and opened doors to endless possibilities.
  • 26:32 Learn how Frank formed a profound connection with Henry Holmes, who has since become a father figure in his life, earning the title of “Dad.”
  • 29:05 Experience the serendipitous encounter between Frank and Ann, his future business partner, just as his Palm phone malfunctioned. Delve into the evolution of Frank’s career following his retirement from fighting, and gain invaluable life lessons derived from his experiences in the ring.
  • 38:19 Listen intently as Frank shares his greatest life experience and unveils his vision for the meaningful moments he aims to create in the future.
  • 44:24 Gain insight into Frank’s current endeavors and the specific groups he aims to serve. His mission is to empower leaders by equipping them with the tools to be conscious of their actions and embrace their personal power.
  • 47:35 Discover the profound symbolism behind the Warrior Code and gain a glimpse into the transformative experience for companies that enlist Frank’s expertise to enhance their leadership practices.
  • 53:17 Stay tuned as Frank fearlessly tackles Rapid Fire Questions, providing unfiltered and insightful responses.
  • 1:02:14 Lastly, don’t miss out as Frank imparts valuable advice to his younger self, offering wisdom gained from his incredible journey.