During episode 6, Jamie and Gabe chat with New York Times best-selling author Scott Mann. He’s a 3X TedX speaker and now a playwright focused on storytelling through the lens of our heroic warfighters in America. Scott takes us through the journey of his life where he experienced the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. You’re going to learn so much from someone who’s been through it all in this inspiring and energetic interview.

Episode Highlights

00:00 – Discover how a transformational conversation in Scott’s early years led him to embrace a lifelong ambition of becoming a Green Beret.

06:09 – Join us as we delve into the challenging path Scott traversed on his journey to becoming a Green Beret, overcoming numerous failures along the way. Gain insight into the adversity he faced.

11:06 – Scott reveals the remarkable qualities shared by his grandfather and father: their visionary mindset, innate dreaming abilities, and exceptional capacity to connect with others.

13:50 – Experience the profound admiration Scott holds for his wife, Monty, as he eloquently describes her invaluable role in integrating his visions and dreams.

16:00 – Scott skillfully guides us through his storytelling process, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of sharing personal narratives. Discover how this process has enabled him to heal, resulting in the creation of books, plays, and even acting endeavors.

28:33 – Immerse yourself in Scott’s recollections of his time as a Green Beret, where storytelling emerged as a powerful tool for establishing connections and building trust with communities in remote villages.

32:00 – Following his retirement from the military, Scott found himself imparting invaluable knowledge on human connection to Green Beret trainees through his teaching endeavors.

34:45 – Join Scott and his peers as they engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the art of storytelling, vulnerability, and overcoming imposter syndrome. Gain valuable insights into how relatability serves as a bridge to captivating storytelling.

42:58 – Embark on a journey with Scott as he artfully bridges traditional interpersonal skills with the modern world’s challenges, addressing issues such as low trust, distractions, and disengagement faced by today‘s business professionals. Unleash dormant innate skills to authentically influence and foster reciprocity. At its core, storytelling remains pivotal.

45:33 – In this captivating segment, Scott takes us through his harrowing evacuation from Afghanistan and the subsequent chapters of his post-military journey. Discover his instrumental role in aiding a friend’s escape and his impactful congressional testimony.

55:27 – Delve into Scott’s creative works, including his thought-provoking play, “The Last Out,” and his compelling book, “Pineapple Express.”

01:05:12 – Scott unveils his personal journey in managing his state of being through breathwork. Gain profound insights into the profound relationship between leadership and energy management—both for oneself and those around them. Explore the transformative power behind the phrase, “I have time.” Join the conversation on #impostersyndrome, #BreathingForWarriors, and #StephenPressfield.

01:12:30 – Prepare for a rapid fire round as Scott candidly answers a series of quick-fire questions.

01:15:35 – Scott takes a reflective stance, sharing invaluable advice he would impart to his younger self, drawing from his extensive life experiences.

01:16:00 – Unlock the secrets to Scott’s remarkable success as he reveals the essential ingredients that have propelled him forward on his journey.