For episode 8, we chat with Kristen Willeumier who is a neuroscientist best known for her book, Biohack Your Brain. She explores the most impactful changes for enhanced brain health to keep it in optimal condition throughout every phase of life. A topic past guests, Joe Laude and Nick Hardwick, also appreciate. Throughout her career, Kristen studied athletes, specifically NFL players, and shares in her book how to nurse your brain back to health even after traumatic head injuries. Check out the full episode with Kristen Willeumier.

Episode Highlights

2:16: Kristen opens up about her background, detailing her experience showing horses from ages 7 to 17 and her aspiration to join the Olympic equestrian team. However, her trajectory shifted due to a horse theft, propelling her towards a career in neuroscience.

5:47: Driven by a strong desire to collaborate with professional athletes across medical disciplines, Kristen opts for a shift into neuroscience instead of pursuing medical school.

11:21: Kristen expands on her profound connection with horseback riding and the natural environment, highlighting the deep resonance one can experience while riding.

16:30: Kristen simplifies the concept of a neuroscientist for the everyday person and interprets the focal areas of her research during her initial decade in neuroscience.

20:36: Kristen outlines her decision to pursue a PhD and her focus on Parkinson’s disease, a seemingly incurable condition, while providing insights into her career trajectory.

22:27: In 2009, Kristen transitions from laboratory research to clinical settings, commencing her research with NFL players to address the long-term brain effects of football. The segment delves into her clinical neuroimaging study and its conclusions.

26:12: The NFL study findings led Kristen and her team to recognize the necessity of aiding these athletes in rehabilitation, thereby enhancing their quality of life. The discussion plunges into the specifics of her research efforts.

29:14: Kristen elaborates on the existence of tangible evidence such as “neuroimaging” and other research, showcasing the sustainability of changes achieved over time through dietary adjustments, nutritional supplements, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Kristen shares her motivation behind writing the book, “Biohack Your Brain.”

37:22: Kristen outlines how the average person can assess their current brain status and benefit from such evaluations. She also provides recommendations for children participating in collision-based sports.

40:54: Kristen discloses the costs associated with brain scans and underscores their significance for parents dealing with children grappling with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. These scans facilitate targeted therapeutic approaches.

42:50: Kristen identifies the most impactful change one can make to enhance brain health and function. Jamie & Gabe mention previous podcast guests, Joe Laude and Nick Hardwick as people Kristen need to get connected with.

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52:00: Kristen answers some rapid fire questions.

55:46: Hear the advice Kristen would give her younger self.

57:06 Kristen tells viewers what she feels makes her special.