October Industry Highlight: Fire Safety Month

At C3, we prioritize your safety. This month, we delved into the world of fire safety, led by our expert Director of Risk Services, Kaitlin Lively. Here’s what we’ve learned and want to share with you:

Emergency Preparedness: We fine-tuned our emergency response plan, ensuring every team member knows their role, and together, we walked through evacuation routes. Preparedness is key!

Practice Makes Perfect: In emergencies, muscle memory matters. That’s why we conducted a fire drill, ensuring everyone is well-versed in their designated life safety path. Leaving no one behind is our commitment.

Safety Beyond the Office: Workplace safety tips easily translate to fire safety at home. Take note:

  • Establish an emergency action plan.
  • Discuss escape routes.
  • Locate fire extinguishers.
  • Conduct mock fire drills with loved ones.
  • Define safe meeting places.
  • Designate an emergency contact neighbor.

Home Safety Habits: Ensure your surroundings are secure. Below are a few helpful tips to keep yourself safe in the event of an emergency.

  • Eliminate clutter; it’s fuel for fires.
  • Check fire extinguishers’ type and condition.
  • Handle chemicals cautiously; read labels.
  • Minimize flammable materials.
  • Keep emergency exits clear and well-lit.

Remember, safety is a shared responsibility. Let’s protect what matters most together. Stay safe!