We’re different and we like it that way.

We’re different and we like it that way. It all starts with our clients. C3 was built upon a desire to create a special atmosphere for our best-in-class clients. When our founders couldn’t find the culture or combination of resources they wanted for their clients, they conceived a completely different kind of insurance company – one that brings in elements from outside insurance to provide comprehensive service.


We bring color and a fresh perspective


To create peace of mind

Our Five Cs


Foster creativity by asking questions


We think differently


We are in this together


We are in this together


Celebrate the journey

Our differentiator is in discovery.

We invest the time and financial resources to know our clients and their industries better than anyone else. That investment turns into a colorful experience which ultimately delivers the best product, the best price and the best coverage in a timely manner. We give our clients control, while still insulating them from the insurance process.

We reverse-engineered the recruiting experience.

We’re focusing on creating a culture that attracts the best people who can deliver the best products and service to our clients. We want a diverse team, comprised of divergent thinkers who work together to solve a problem. Our professional yet fun environment was intentionally built to fit around our employees’ lives, not the other way around. We want our team to be happy, because happy people make clients happy.

We didn’t set out to disrupt the insurance industry, but that’s exactly what we’re doing.

C3 Guiding Principles