Discover the Difference S3E10: Christian Espinosa

We have a treat for the final episode of Season 3. C3's Lindsay Bonfiglio joins Gabe as they chat with Christian Espinoza - a former Air Force veteran, author of the book "The Smartest Person in The Room," and a cybersecurity expert. On the surface his accomplishments of completing two of the seven highest summits in the world and competing in 24 Ironman Triathlons are sure to impress. However, it's his perseverance and personal growth that make him the best selling author, high-performance coach and cybersecurity entrepreneur who will expand your outlook and challenge your mind.

Discover the Difference S2E1: Season 1 Recap

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Discover the Difference hosts Jamie Reid and Gabe Erle from C3 are joined by Wayne Partello from CUENTO to talk about the highlights from the first season of the podcast. From a former NFL star to motivational speakers to entrepreneurs and community leaders making a difference, we'll share our favorite moments and some of the best Q&A with our guests. You'll also get a preview of what you can expect from Season 2, dropping on September 22.

Discover the Difference Ep 9: Scott Mason

Scott Mason joins Discover the Difference to share his triumphant story and mission to help people discover their purpose. His story starts with alienation as a biracial child growing up in the Midwest and the inability to find anyone like him. Determined to overcome adversity, Scott found unexpected professional success and the courage to come out as LGBTQ+. Listen to how he uses connectivity to help people discover their purpose in life - both professionally and personally.

Discover the Difference Ep 8: Matt Bertke

This week we take you on an adventure to the great Alaskan outdoors on Discover the Difference. We chat with the ultra-dynamic owner of Chelatna Lake Lodge, Matt Bertke, about our five-day experience in Alaska. Matt guided us through fly fishing and helicopter rides to untouched lakes, taught us a new drinking game - hockey - and we got ‘iced'…several times. By the end of the podcast, you’ll be planning your next trip to Alaska to visit the very special Chelatna Lake Lodge.

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