Employee Benefits

Simple Recipe.  Powerful Experience.

C3 simplifies the complex world of employee benefits to achieve your benefits goals and provide the best possible care to your employees.  Our goal is your peace of mind knowing your employees are covered with the best solution for your business.

Complexity Simplified in 3 Stages

Discover The Difference
Strategy Design
Making it Simple
Discover The Difference

C3 starts by plunging in to DISCOVER who your company is, your culture and brand, and your goals to best understand your needs.

Culture Assessment

  • Leadership Surveys
  • Key member interviews

Brand Alignment

  • Culture & Brand Sync
  • Logo Redesign
  • Employee Hype Video

Risk Review

  • Program Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Plan Enrollment
  • Coverage & Cost
  • Alignment
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Accounting & Payroll

Tailored plans crafted with purpose, supported by data, aligned with your culture and brand.

Strategy Design


  • Aligned with your goals & budget
  • With employee health & wellness needs in mind
  • Incorporating your culture & brand

Data Influenced

  • Data analytics, financial forecasting & modeling
  • Experience & Utilization Insights, Wellness assessment
  • Benchmarked data: industry, geography, company demographics


  • Two-to-three-year strategic plan
  • Annual calendar and milestones
  • Measured for success
  • Compliance in mind every step of the way
Making it Simple

Technology that guides the enrollment journey and delivers ongoing education.

Technology with a Personal Touch

  • Benefit management system (your system of record)
  • Employee benefits decision tool
  • A fresh & personalized approach to open enrollment
  • Video meetings and recorded presentations

Client Accessible Resources

  • Human resources portal & hotline
  • Annual employee health and wellness education plan
  • Backed by exceptional dedicated customer service