Discover the Difference S3E3: Dr. Alan Beyer


DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE S3E3: Dr. Alan Beyer For episode 3, hosts Jamie and Gabe sit down with Dr. Alan Beyer, the medical director and founder of the Hoag Institute. The entrepreneurial mindset is alive and well in the medical field. Dr. Beyer is proving that daily with his work at the Hoag Institute through his care for individuals ranging from elite athletes to everyday pickleball players and everyone in between. Learn how Dr. Beyer grew the Hoag Institute and his continued work in medicine today. 

Discover the Difference S3E3: Dr. Alan Beyer2023-06-01T08:29:44-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E2: Jen Schroeder


DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE S3E2: Jen Schroeder For our first guest of Season 3, you will have the chance to meet Jen Schroeder. You may recognize her from images all over Dick’s Sporting Goods. She is a former UCLA softball player, ESPN Analyst and entrepreneur. Her training facilities, The Packaged Deal, in Orange County are shaping the next generation of softball players both at the youth and collegiate levels. Her charisma is so infectious, she turned the tables and podcasted our hosts Jamie and Gabe. You won’t want to miss our conversation with Jen. 

Discover the Difference S3E2: Jen Schroeder2023-05-31T16:19:20-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E1: Season 2 Recap


Discover the Difference hosts Jamie Reid and Gabe Erle from C3 are joined by Wayne Partello from CUENTO as they take a look back and reminisce on the podcast's second season. From a 5X Olympian to a 16-year-old prodigy turned beauty empire to U.S. military officers and community leaders making a difference, we'll share our favorite moments and some of the best Q&A with our guests. You'll also get a preview of what you can expect from Season 3, dropping on May 18.

Discover the Difference S3E1: Season 2 Recap2023-05-04T07:12:40-07:00

Discover the Difference S2E9: William Branum


This week we sit down with William Branum, a former Navy SEAL turned successful business owner and leadership coach. He takes us through the challenges of becoming a Navy SEAL, transitioning out and finding himself without purpose or passion before discovering the CBD industry. Branum now owns a CBD company that manufactures the cleanest most elite product on the market. Learn how to overcome adversity, find success in life using his 5 Secrets of a Navy SEAL and other helpful tips. 

Discover the Difference S2E9: William Branum2023-01-12T07:54:23-08:00

Discover the Difference S2E8: Denise Mueller


We are full speed ahead this week with Denise Mueller. She holds the land speed record of 183MPH on a bike and is a multi-time national champion world record holder. She tells us what it takes to get to that speed and then abruptly come down from it and compares it to the ups and downs of business and life. We go deep on the value of mentorship and what it takes to run a successful security company and be a busy mom of three. Denise is full of energy and shows vulnerability exploring the challenges she’s overcome in her life as she’s found success along the way.

Discover the Difference S2E8: Denise Mueller2022-12-15T07:58:15-08:00

Discover the Difference S2E7: Knight Campbell


On Episode 7, we chat with Knight Campbell, a naval academy grad and Naval officer who focused his passion for the great outdoors into leadership development. As the founder of Cairn Leadership, Knight takes leadership teams into the wilderness to experience adventure and unparalleled teamwork. He has an innate curiosity and a unique ability to build strong leadership teams. Listen along as we talk leadership and adventure with Knight.

Discover the Difference S2E7: Knight Campbell2022-12-01T11:02:52-08:00

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