Discover the Difference S3E10: Christian Espinosa


We have a treat for the final episode of Season 3. C3's Lindsay Bonfiglio joins Gabe as they chat with Christian Espinoza - a former Air Force veteran, author of the book "The Smartest Person in The Room," and a cybersecurity expert. On the surface his accomplishments of completing two of the seven highest summits in the world and competing in 24 Ironman Triathlons are sure to impress. However, it's his perseverance and personal growth that make him the best selling author, high-performance coach and cybersecurity entrepreneur who will expand your outlook and challenge your mind.

Discover the Difference S3E10: Christian Espinosa2023-09-11T09:34:31-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E9: Tez Steinberg


On Discover the Difference, we hear a lot of amazing stories, but this week we meet Tez Steinberg who holds the distinction of being the first person to row from California to Hawaii. The journey took 71 days and 2,700 miles of sleep deprivation, strenuous exercise, wildlife encounters and sheer perseverance. Sparked by a bout of depression and compounded by his father’s death, Tez set out to conquer the unattained and turn it into a passion for rowing across the ocean to raise money for great causes. When he’s not at sea, Tez is a public speaker motivating others to find their inner athlete. Enjoy our journey into the deep with Tez.

Discover the Difference S3E9: Tez Steinberg2023-09-07T22:25:39-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E8: Dr. Kristen Willeumier


For episode 8, we chat with Kristen Willeumier who is a neuroscientist best known for her book, Biohack Your Brain. She explores the most impactful changes for enhanced brain health to keep it in optimal condition throughout every phase of life. A topic past guests, Joe Laude and Nick Hardwick, also appreciate. Throughout her career, Kristen studied athletes, specifically NFL players, and shares in her book how to nurse your brain back to health even after traumatic head injuries. Check out the full episode with Kristen Willeumier.

Discover the Difference S3E8: Dr. Kristen Willeumier2023-08-10T06:27:03-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E7: Joe Laude


Joe Laude exemplifies what it means to live a life of service, resilience, and purpose. In episode 7 of Discover the Difference, Joe takes us through his remarkable journey – from his childhood calling to the military, to the heart-wrenching Afghanistan evacuation. As the founder of Operations Allies Refuge (OAR), Joe focuses on supporting veterans battling moral injury, a concept distinct from PTSD.

Discover the Difference S3E7: Joe Laude2023-07-26T21:25:11-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E6: Scott Mann


During episode 6, Jamie and Gabe chat with New York Times best-selling author Scott Mann. He's a 3X TedX speaker and now a playwright focused on storytelling through the lens of our heroic warfighters in America. Scott takes us through the journey of his life where he experienced the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. You're going to learn so much from someone who's been through it all in this inspiring and energetic interview.

Discover the Difference S3E6: Scott Mann2023-07-13T12:58:41-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E5: Frank Shamrock


For episode 5, Jamie and Gabe chat with legendary UFC fighter Frank Shamrock. You may know Frank as a UFC Champion or a Strikeforce founder of MMA, but you may not know the backstory of how he overcome adversity, childhood setbacks and 23 felonies before he was able to achieve his success. Frank's story is unique, inspiring, and one you won't want to miss. Tune in to learn more about the way Frank empowers those around him through his encouragement and symbolism behind what he calls the Warrior’s Code. Don’t miss Frank’s valuable advice and wisdom he has gained along his journey.

Discover the Difference S3E5: Frank Shamrock2023-06-29T08:06:19-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E4: Natalie Johnson


For episode 4, Jamie and Gabe sit down with Natalie Johnson. Natalie started her career with Google where she played a key role in the development of its DE&I program. While C3 is already proudly diverse, Jamie and Gabe enjoyed discussing how there is so much more to being a DE&I-thought-focused organization. It is not just about having a diverse group of employees but getting intentional about seeking out people from diverse backgrounds that round out your organization and bring their unique skills to the table. Natalie's path to where she is today is an incredible, must-hear story.

Discover the Difference S3E4: Natalie Johnson2023-06-14T16:06:10-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E3: Dr. Alan Beyer


DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE S3E3: Dr. Alan Beyer For episode 3, hosts Jamie and Gabe sit down with Dr. Alan Beyer, the medical director and founder of the Hoag Institute. The entrepreneurial mindset is alive and well in the medical field. Dr. Beyer is proving that daily with his work at the Hoag Institute through his care for individuals ranging from elite athletes to everyday pickleball players and everyone in between. Learn how Dr. Beyer grew the Hoag Institute and his continued work in medicine today. 

Discover the Difference S3E3: Dr. Alan Beyer2023-06-01T08:29:44-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E2: Jen Schroeder


DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE S3E2: Jen Schroeder For our first guest of Season 3, you will have the chance to meet Jen Schroeder. You may recognize her from images all over Dick’s Sporting Goods. She is a former UCLA softball player, ESPN Analyst and entrepreneur. Her training facilities, The Packaged Deal, in Orange County are shaping the next generation of softball players both at the youth and collegiate levels. Her charisma is so infectious, she turned the tables and podcasted our hosts Jamie and Gabe. You won’t want to miss our conversation with Jen. 

Discover the Difference S3E2: Jen Schroeder2023-05-31T16:19:20-07:00

Discover the Difference S3E1: Season 2 Recap


Discover the Difference hosts Jamie Reid and Gabe Erle from C3 are joined by Wayne Partello from CUENTO as they take a look back and reminisce on the podcast's second season. From a 5X Olympian to a 16-year-old prodigy turned beauty empire to U.S. military officers and community leaders making a difference, we'll share our favorite moments and some of the best Q&A with our guests. You'll also get a preview of what you can expect from Season 3, dropping on May 18.

Discover the Difference S3E1: Season 2 Recap2023-05-04T07:12:40-07:00

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