Discover the Difference S2E10: Manna Kadar

The final episode this season of Discover the Difference is with Manna Kadar. A prodigy who acquired her business at 16, leveled it up multiple times and built it into a beauty empire. Her spunk, energy and professionalism along with her incredible story will leave you inspired.

Discover the Difference S2E9: William Branum

This week we sit down with William Branum, a former Navy SEAL turned successful business owner and leadership coach. He takes us through the challenges of becoming a Navy SEAL, transitioning out and finding himself without purpose or passion before discovering the CBD industry. Branum now owns a CBD company that manufactures the cleanest most elite product on the market. Learn how to overcome adversity, find success in life using his 5 Secrets of a Navy SEAL and other helpful tips. 

Discover the Difference S2E8: Denise Mueller

We are full speed ahead this week with Denise Mueller. She holds the land speed record of 183MPH on a bike and is a multi-time national champion world record holder. She tells us what it takes to get to that speed and then abruptly come down from it and compares it to the ups and downs of business and life. We go deep on the value of mentorship and what it takes to run a successful security company and be a busy mom of three. Denise is full of energy and shows vulnerability exploring the challenges she’s overcome in her life as she’s found success along the way.

Discover the Difference S2E7: Knight Campbell

On Episode 7, we chat with Knight Campbell, a naval academy grad and Naval officer who focused his passion for the great outdoors into leadership development. As the founder of Cairn Leadership, Knight takes leadership teams into the wilderness to experience adventure and unparalleled teamwork. He has an innate curiosity and a unique ability to build strong leadership teams. Listen along as we talk leadership and adventure with Knight.

Discover the Difference S2E6: Justin Gray

Episode 6 lands us with Justin Gray, a serial entrepreneur who has taken multiple companies from cradle to grave and successfully sold. He has a keen marketing eye for building organizations to be great for the benefit of selling or nurturing for a long time. Justin shares the lessons he’s learned along the way and factors to his success that you can apply in your professional life.

Discover the Difference S2E5: Dave Sanderson

This week’s episode of Discover the Difference is full of inspiration. We talk to Dave Sanderson about his heroism the day the plane he was on crashed into the Hudson River and he was the last passenger off after helping others first in the freezing water – known as ‘The Miracle on the Hudson’. Professionally, Dave worked his way up as head of security for Tony Robbins until the day Tony told him it was time to move on and pursue his own dreams and passions. Prepare to be inspired.

Discover the Difference S2E4: Nancy Gale

On Episode 4 of Discover The Difference, we have the pleasure of speaking with Nancy Gale. The founder of JAMAH, an American luxury handbag company, and Ambition, a non-profit serving disadvantaged youth, shares her story of perseverance over hardship and how her success in both endeavors is intertwined. She is a self-described visionary who believes it takes the long haul to get good at something you believe in. Listen to her inspiring story about going forward despite setbacks and owning your life.

Discover the Difference S2E3: Michael Davidson

On Episode 3 of Discover the Difference, we chat with self-described social entrepreneur and CEO of Alder, Michael Davidson. Get ready to learn and grow your outlook on how you can positively impact society as Michael shares his perspectives on societal issues, world events and what it means to be a generational leader.

Discover the Difference S2E2: Jesse Smith

On S2E2 of Discover the Difference, we have the pleasure of speaking with the inspiring Jesse Smith. The 5X Olympian and former team captain of the US Water Polo Team proves that he’s not just an Olympian, but a force of energy, enthusiasm and insight. Jesse gives great advice about associating with people who are willing to help others up in business and in life. Hear more about Jesse’s post-water polo career and transitioning into the professional world on Discover the Difference.

Discover the Difference S2E1: Season 1 Recap

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Discover the Difference hosts Jamie Reid and Gabe Erle from C3 are joined by Wayne Partello from CUENTO to talk about the highlights from the first season of the podcast. From a former NFL star to motivational speakers to entrepreneurs and community leaders making a difference, we’ll share our favorite moments and some of the best Q&A with our guests. You’ll also get a preview of what you can expect from Season 2, dropping on September 22.